New School Year, No Problem: Welcoming Residents To Student Housing Communities

Reading Time: 2 minutes

As the days of summer come to an end and the start of a new semester is just around the corner, property managers for student communities can make the transition from sleeping in to studying an easy one! Opportunities to socialize, learn about the new community, and show off their school spirit are great ways to keep students involved while residing in an off-campus apartment. Here are a few ideas on introducing new residents to their student housing community.

Schedule Time To Socialize

Starting a new school year can be one of the most nerve-wracking and intimidating experiences for young adults. A great way to help students unwind from a long week of pop quizzes and cram sessions is a lively event at the apartment community. A themed get-together will encourage interaction between both old and new residents, while reinforcing the “work hard, play hard” motto. A book club that meets once a month or a 90’s movie night with coordinating snacks, such as Capri Suns and Fruit Roll-Ups, are creative ways to give their brains a break.

Get In The Spirit

As school spirit is considered one of the most important parts of campus culture, encourage students to show their support both outside and inside their rooms. Create welcome packages for students to decorate their room in the colors of their school. Include a traditional felt flag, folders, and a pencil holder in the designated color scheme for residents to choose how much or how little they want to mix into their decor. By distributing similar items to every student, property managers are boosting a sense of unity, as well as encouraging school spirit.

Introduce Campus Resources

To get new residents familiar with their surroundings and available resources, be sure to set up group meetings to introduce important campus contacts, such as the local police department, the maintenance team, and current student residents. During the fall, send the student residents to campus housing fairs to engage with those who may be considering off-campus housing in the future. They will ensure that incoming students understand the expectations of the apartment community, such as monthly expenses and resident guidelines. Many new students don’t have experience living on their own, so getting advice from a knowledgeable peer can be extremely helpful.

Think Ahead For Next Year

Even though the current fall semester has just kicked off, planning ahead for future school years is critical when it comes to resident retention. Survey students on move-in day and throughout the year regarding roommate assignments, event satisfaction, and living conditions to get a better read on what it takes to successfully place and keep residents. Use past reviews and survey results to continually improve upon the previously mentioned areas. Creating a sense of stability outside of university life is important for both students and staff, especially when it comes to securing future renewals.  

At any age, moving to a new apartment can be stressful and time consuming. By keeping an open line of communication with residents, encouraging a sense of community, and promoting school spirit, property managers can create ways to make life easy for new student renters.

For more information on welcoming students to their new apartment, contact our student living division, Grand Campustoday! Grand Campus’ leadership team has been working in student living property management for more than two decades and offers extensive knowledge that makes Grand Campus Living the choice of owners across the nation.