Resolutions You Can Keep: 3 Resolutions for Apartment Property Managers and Staff

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Now that the new year is here, many of us are using this as a time for renewal and swift change, learning new habits in an effort to improve. While common New Year’s resolutions often look inward at personal health, diet, exercise, or cutting out excess, it’s also a great time of year to consider professional New Year’s resolutions that guide better performance at work. Property managers and apartment community staff should be no exception! Below, we’ve outlined New Year’s resolutions that property staff should aspire to keep in 2016.

Engage Onsite

It’s critically important to remember that residents are first and foremost, your customers. Each of your residents help contribute to the company’s success, and pays the salaries of the staff with each rent check. Use 2016 as a platform to renew relationships with your residents and increase engagement.

For current residents, try to implement cost effective ways to re-engage with some of your current residents. This can be anything from a neighborhood watch team or a casual meet-up at the property. A holiday potluck, a wine tasting, or a small social with h’orderves can go a long way to remind residents that they are truly part of their community. “The more residents are involved with their community, the more likely they will remain a tenant for the long haul,” according to Remember to post fliers and send email reminders about special resident events!

In addition to engaging current residents, ensure that you’re reaching out and engaging with prospective residents as well. Dedicate someone onsite who will represent your community in a positive light, and ensure that they understand the importance of engaging with people–both in person and online.

Boost (or Maintain) Your Social Presence

The New Year is also a great time to revise your marketing strategies for the year. One way to market your property is to be active on social media. Residents can check in on social pages for news about upcoming events, and prospects can get a look at your property’s features.

“Use this time of year to think, explore, and push your boundaries,” said Ami Kassar, CEO of in Inc. While this may be a good time to push boundaries and explore, it is also crucial to plan. Have a meeting with your staff and decide who would be the best suited to post on social media. Similarly, plan out which channels you want to have a presence on and how often you’ll be posting. It’s okay to start small! Choose one network, such as Facebook, and pick a couple of designated days to post. Consistency is key. People viewing your social pages will benefit more from seeing one weekly update as opposed to 10 updates in a day every six months.

Respond to Online Reviews

More residents are leaving reviews online than ever before, and prospective residents are interested in what these reviews say (and if there are any responses). While you’re updating your social profiles, make sure you are responding to any feedback. This includes comments as well as actual reviews. You’ll also want to monitor sites devoted specifically to reviews, such as Yelp and To make sure you are staying on top of review monitoring, you can designate a couple days of month to check-in.

Always follow the review response protocol established by your management company or regional manager. While some feedback is less-than-constructive, it’s important to respond in a genuine and professional manner.

So how will you execute your New Year’s resolutions at your community this year? Get in touch to let us know if we missed any important resolutions for property managers and staff!