Social Madness Voting Starts June 1st and LPC Wants to Win!

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Hosted by The Business Journals and sponsored by Capital One Spark Business, Social Madness is a national social media competition between 4,000+ businesses in 43 participating cities across the US. Businesses have thrown their names into the hat, vying for recognition for their social media efforts, hoping to move through the competition brackets with ease. Three overall champions will receive $10,000 to donate to the charities of their choice.

Starting June 1, the thousands of participating companies will try to increase their social media reach through Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to become one of three national champions in three size categories based on employee count. Each of these three national winners will be able to designate a favorite charity to receive the sizable donation. LPC’s home charity, Lincoln Charities, Inc., is no doubt ready and waiting to receive our potential winnings!

The Social Madness challenge will evaluate Lincoln Property Company and all other nominated companies’ social media mastery by a scoring algorithm that measures social influence. The algorithm will track votes on the Dallas Business Journal website, Facebook activity, Twitter followers and LinkedIn connections for each company during the challenge period.

Click the badge below and select Dallas using the drop down menu. Go to the Large Companies tab and vote for Lincoln Property Company. Fan and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from the voting page! Both votes and number of fans and followers count!