Tips for Designing a Cozy and Inviting Balcony

apartment with a balcony
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When it comes to designing your apartment living space, be sure not to neglect your balcony. No matter the size, the balcony can offer an outdoor retreat when the weather is nice and expand your living space beyond the interior.

There are many ways you can add comfort and coziness to your balcony. Here are some ideas to get you started so you can begin enjoying your apartment’s outdoor space.

String some lights

string lights

Nothing sets a mood or atmosphere more than soft string lights or lanterns to illuminate your balcony when the sun goes down. Consider stringing lights on the railing or hanging from above. You can also add in some battery-operated candles on table tops or floor to create a warm and inviting space. Another interesting twist on string lights is to put them in a glass vase. No matter how you choose to light up your balcony, be sure lighting is part of your design plan.

Fill planters

plants on a balcony

Leave an impression on your neighbors or visitors with greenery. Fill planters or window boxes with flowers, herbs or succulents to add some great color and texture to your outdoor living space. Hang plants from above, as well as place a variety of planters to create visual interest.  Change out the flowers based on the season to add vibrant colors and a fresh, sweet scent while relaxing on your balcony. When making a delicious meal for friends and family, how nice would it be to snip some fresh herbs from the other side of the sliding glass door!

Seating is key for comfort

balcony seating

Once you have the atmosphere you are looking for with your balcony design, it’s time to figure out the seating. If your balcony is generous with space, consider adding a small loveseat or chaise lounge for a comfortable reading spot. If you plan to use your space to entertain, consider a small bistro table and some chairs for a place to enjoy your morning coffee or share a romantic evening with your significant other. You can also add some oversized floor pillows for extra seating.

When it comes to designing your apartment, don’t forget what could be the most used space in your home – the balcony. Use these tips to help lay the foundation of the design and you can always add personal touches once the core pieces are in place. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your apartment’s outdoor living space!

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Guest post courtesy of Cort Furniture Rental