Unexpected Home Items That Can Be Used as Decor

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When it comes to styling your apartment, anything that appeals to your sense of style can serve as decor. Therefore, instead of hiding objects in storage, opt for aesthetically pleasing picks that can be put on display. Not only will this free up space in your apartment, but you will love the unique feel of your space.

Here are a few home items that can double as decor:

Cutting Boards

cutting board with lavender | home items that can serve as decor

Instead of stuffing your cutting boards next to your cooking pans, put them on display! With rich wood textures, they can add rustic appeal to any kitchen. Plus, they can also serve as a stylish charcuterie board when entertaining. This pick from Etsy features walnut, cherry, and ambrosia wood. For something with a modern touch, try this checkered board that will add an extra flair to your wine and cheese nights.

Old Magazines

an open magazine | home items that can serve as decor

If you’re a collector of old magazines, bring these old publications back to life by turning them into wall decor. Flip through the pages and find old photographs of celebrities, advertisements, or articles that appeal to you. Then, put them in frames. Finally, assort them into a fun gallery wall that pays homage to the past.


records |home items that can serve as decor

Records serve as another fun vintage item that can double as decor. Not only will a vintage record player add classic appeal to your space, but a record shelf is fun to look at and peruse. Also, many classic records boast fun art on the cover. Pick a few of your favorites and frame them to add vintage flair to your home.



Herbs can serve as plants, food, and decor! Not only will they enliven your indoor garden but they will also punch up the flavor in your meals. Check out this handy guide from Lincoln on tips for growing our favorite herbs indoors.

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