Utilize These 3 Fall Decor Trends

fall home decor | cozy living room
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The dog days of summer may still be here but that doesn’t mean we can’t start planning ahead for fall. As a season that celebrates all things cozy, it’s a great time to shift the mood of your home. Here are a few fall trends that we can’t wait to try out.

Natural Textures

drinking coffee on a linen bedspread | fall decor trends

With increased layers, fall is a great time to play with texture. While summer is the season to keep everything easy and breezy, in autumn, we can incorporate a variety of materials. As the temperature drops, consider swapping out your light comforter for a linen duvet. Not only will it retain more heat, but it presents a natural texture that’s easy on the eyes.

With a variety of materials, it might be a good time to consider a monochrome look. For example, a cream wool blanket atop a cream couch will look both cozy and chic.

Get Creative with Plants

dried flowers | fall decor trends

The end of summer doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your greenery. While some plants may not survive in the winter and others may become dormant, this offers the opportunity to swap them out for more eclectic items. Create dried arrangements of eucalyptus, ferns, and even florals. You can also use plants to incorporate fall colors into the home. Varietals like bromeliad are mostly green with a punch of red, orange, and yellow colors.


vintage pieces | fall decor trends

There’s something about fall that evokes a sense of nostalgia. Therefore, it’s a great time of year to add or accentuate vintage pieces that you own. Instead of spending too much money on vintage furniture, consider smaller additions. Vintage glassware will not only elevate your next dinner party but it can also serve as decor on a dining room shelf. Or, swap out your standard glass vase and replace it with a vintage piece.

Before you embark on fall decorating, be sure to commence summer properly and celebrate with a dinner party! Check out our blog on how to host the perfect end-of-summer soirée. Or, if you’re looking for a new apartment this season, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Lincoln team today.