3 DIY Projects For Apartment Renters

DIY tools with Lincoln
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DIY projects have taken the internet by storm. Nowadays, you can make almost anything with your own two hands and instructions from Pinterest. Along with feelings of accomplishment and styles that come straight from your own creative mind, DIY also benefits your wallet! At Lincoln, we’re zeroing in on money saving tips with our Live Smart campaign so you can save your well-earned moolah on the things you love.

Here are a few projects that will benefit your home and your wallet.

DIY Puppy Treats

a dog eating a treat

Are you looking to treat your furry little friend to some homemade, locally-sourced, and nutritious goodness? The next time he/she is overdue for a treat, give them a DIY goodie made with all natural ingredients. For simple yet delicious results, combine bananas, oats, peanut butter, and coconut oil for a filling and nourishing indulgence. In the summer months, cool your pup off with a treat made of strawberries, bananas, honey, greek yogurt, and skim milk that’s stored in the freezer. Their taste buds and body temperature will thank you!

Hanging Plants

hanging plants in an apartment

Spring has finally sprung! Along with feelings of renewal, the season of abundance also calls for lush greenery and bright florals. If you’re looking for a unique way to incorporate plant life into your home, opt for a hanging plant! After picking out your favorite greenery, wrap string or macrame around a pot in an intricate manner displayed here. For the overachievers out there, make magic happen and create this DIY floating shelf courtesy of the creative minds at Hometalk. Simply wrap string or macrame around a flat piece of wood in the shape of your choosing. Be sure to keep all hanging strings the same length to avoid an angled shelf. Once your shelf is hung, organize a collection of succulents, flowers, herbs, and more on your new gravity-defying statement piece.

Homemade Spa Essentials

a candle in an apartment

Are you overdue for a trip to the spa? Are the scents of essential oils and burning candles calling your name? Create your very own therapeutic oasis with a few small DIY projects! The first step of any spa routine is to cue the mood lighting. Therefore, why not make your own with DIY candles? Then, add some more scents to the mix with this calming 2-ingredient air freshener filled with baking soda and your favorite essential oils. Once the mood is set, whip up a homemade facial mask with natural ingredients you can find in your pantry.

Jazz Up Your Headboard

the headboard of a bed

Headboards are often overlooked, but can also be an amazing focal point for any bedroom. If you love a good pattern, upholster your board with a unique fabric from a local fabric shop. If you’re feeling extra handy, go the extra mile and create a rustic backdrop with reclaimed wood. For the artistically-inclined, the area behind the bed is also a great spot for a well-curated art wall. Click here to find more fun and creative ideas.

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