A Lincoln Guide To Working From Home (Part 3)

working from home
Reading Time: 3 minutes

Many Americans are turning their living rooms into offices and their kitchens into snack rooms. With so many people working from their apartments, now is the time to brush up on ways to optimize your at-home hustle.

We’ve already covered a few tricks in our first and second parts of our work from home series. Today, we’re rounding out our guide with these final tips.

Connect With Coworkers

video chat with coworkers

Even though you may be miles apart, connecting with coworkers is vital at this time. Not only will it benefit your collaborative efforts, but catching up with deskmates and office friends will boost your mood. We recommend using your video camera at this time to further the connection. Laughter, teamwork, and meaningful conversations are more impactful with facial expressions. On top of having virtual meetings, it’s also important to maintain the social aspect of work. Now is a great time to host an online happy hour with your peers or perhaps have a virtual trivia night. The best part is, you can mingle with a drink in hand while donning your favorite sweatpants.

Be Transparent

a mom helping her daughter with homework

Working from home is especially tricky for some. With kids at home, shared offices with partners, and crammed households, finding time and space to devote to work can be hard. If you’re feeling frustrated, remind yourself that you’re doing your best and cut yourself a little slack. On top of this, be honest with your employer about your challenges. If you’re juggling homework help and meetings, let your boss or manager know about your added responsibilities. In times like this, most people are more understanding than you think and willing to be flexible. The key to navigating this time is remaining transparent while giving yourself the benefit of the doubt.

Tackle a New Work Project

working at home on the floor

Working from home can feel a little stagnant after a while. Without minimal changes of scenery and less physical interaction, it’s easy to feel antsy and unfulfilled. Now is a great time to put yourself out there and tackle a new and exciting work project. Whether you would like to solve a long-running problem or kickstart a fun new initiative, now is the time to jazz up your days with new types of work. Not only will this boost morale but your boss and coworkers will appreciate your willingness to innovate at this time.

Out of all of these tips, the most important thing you can do at this time is to give yourself a pat on the back! Now more than ever, your friends at Lincoln Property Company are here for you. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to give us a call.