Apartment Kitchen Trends For 2021

a clean and stylish white kitchen
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2020 was the year of the home chef. From baking bread to perfecting gourmet recipes, residents spent more time in their kitchens than ever. Therefore, in 2021, it might be a good time to put down the spatula (temporarily) and focus on decor.

We’ve rounded up kitchen interior design trends that are on the horizon.

Jazz Up Your Backsplash

a green backsplash

A bold backsplash is an easy way to add personality to your kitchen. Whether you’re seeking a calm neutral or a punchy pattern, there are a variety of temporary backsplashes to choose from for renters.

Add Personality & Function

herbs in a kitchen

Gone are the days where the kitchen is reserved for blenders and microwaves. It’s important to add personality to your kitchen as you would your bedroom and living room. Therefore, add some personal touches. A stack of funny cookbooks will reflect your sense of humor and be within reach when looking for new recipes. If you’re a plant lover, line a row of herbs across a window to appeal to your green thumb.

Show Off Mixed Metals

hanging pots in a kitchen

Along with heating up your food, pots and pans can also serve as decoration. To display a new copper collection or a sleek stainless steel set, hang them from overhead hooks or display on a floating shelf.

Now that your kitchen is updated and looking stylish, host a restaurant-worthy meal! Check out our recent blog post for creating the perfect evening. And, if you’re looking for a new apartment with a stunning kitchen, contact the team at Lincoln today.