How to Create Relationships Between Your Apartment Community and Local Businesses

Reading Time: 2 minutes

When it comes to creating relationships beyond the bounds of your apartment community, connecting with local businesses can be rewarding on both a financial and personal level for residents. In the eyes of a potential or current resident, offering exclusive deals for local shops and services is not only convenient for them, but another great reason to extend their stay. From coupons to referral bonuses, creating a mutually beneficial relationship with local merchants is a great way to attract and keep residents. Here are a few things to keep in mind when connecting with local businesses.

Think of Your Target Demographic 

During the process of scouting potential partnerships, consider the average age and income of your residents. For example, if your primary age group is recent college graduates to those in their late twenties, coupons for a transportation service for senior citizens might not get much use. Market yourself to businesses, such as restaurants and boutiques, that fit in the lifestyle of your target demographic.

Create a Compelling Proposal

Before meeting with a local merchant, be sure to have a thorough list of reasons as to why this partnership will be beneficial for both parties. Only listing what will be beneficial for one side can set the wrong tone for the remainder of a relationship. Offer a referral bonus to merchants who send prospects to your community. You can provide them with flyers or ads to place at their business or in their publications. Consider offering to promote them on your community’s social media profiles. A local business might be willing to  give a discount code in exchange for Facebook exposure via tagging them on your page. Another idea would be to include flyers for their business in new resident welcome packages and in return, they can include your ad in company mailings or flyers.

Encourage a “Shop Local” Attitude

For community events, use services and items from local merchants to expose residents to the goods that the area has to offer. By showcasing local foods and services, you’ll show the residents that they don’t have to go far to experience great things. Also, featuring information in community flyers about the benefits of shopping local and what is available in the community is a great way to encourage use of their exclusive resident-only specials and coupons.

Grow the Relationship

While it is very important to focus on the business aspect, it’s equally important to connect on a person-to-person level as well. Invite local merchants to lunch every few months or for a get-together at the apartment community clubhouse. By treating them as a friend instead of just a business connection, your partnership will thrive as it will be based on mutual respect and admiration, instead of solely on business relations.
Creating good relationships with local businesses is just as important as having a positive rapport with your residents. For more information on partnering with local businesses, contact us today!