Baby Boomers Flocking to Texas for Ideal Retirement Life

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Of all the many factors that influence the choice of retirement community, there is one that stands above all the others. The delightful weather of Texas is the number one thing attracting recent retirees to the state. Warm winters and hot, dry summers are just the thing for those who like a steady pace of life. Dedicated gardeners will also enjoy the long growing season that Texas enjoys.

Other than the wonderfully consistent weather, the state of Texas varies widely. It is an enormous place, the largest state of the lower 48, and stretches from the Gulf of Mexico almost to the Rockies. Whether they enjoy the beach life of Corpus Christi, the funky vibe of Austin, or the perfect melding of big city and countryside that you find in Dallas, prospective retirees can find the perfect place for them somewhere in Texas.

Another benefit in Texas is a total absence of an income tax. Nearly all of the taxes come from property taxes. When those who have retired from their jobs move into one of the many wonderful Texas apartments as a renter, state taxes are something that they simply do not have to worry about.


Apartments in Dallas, TX 75218, are an especially good choice for prospective renters. White Rock Lake directly abuts the region to the west, and the Lake Highlands park provides ample leisure and outdoors opportunities. There is even good bass fishing in the lake. Texas apartments in this zip code are clean, spacious, well maintained, and well air conditioned. Texas laws give landlords many responsibilities, and the property owners of Dallas rise to meet the occasion. They have an excellent reputation for quality maintenance in a timely fashion.

Apartments in Dallas, TX have the additional advantage of being conveniently located in regards to the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. This area is one of the single largest and most varied cities in America. Everything that anyone could ever desire is less than an hour’s drive from your door. All the history, culture, recreation, and sports opportunities imaginable are found in Dallas, and the clean and modern highway system makes it easy to access.

Dallas is an affluent town, and the northern suburbs contain the greatest concentration of retirees and other people with steady incomes and lifestyles. Low crime rates and wonderful municipal services round out the package of things that baby boomer retirees are searching for. Texas has it all for those who are seeking the ideal retirement life.