Best Winter Activities when Stuck Indoors

Reading Time: 3 minutes

This winter, keep busy, have fun, and enrich yourself with these indoor winter activities.

For many of us, the winter months have distinct benefits over the summertime. For starters, you can’t really ski in the middle of July, and sledding just doesn’t feel right in August, but what happens when you’ve exhausted your repertoire of outdoor winter activities? You head inside! Here is a list of the best activities to do inside this winter season:

Mulled wine at romantic fireplace


What better time of year to work on your culinary expertise than during the winter? Since you’ll likely either attend or host a range of holiday parties and get-togethers, use the cold, wintry months to try out new recipes. Get adventurous and whip up dishes that you wouldn’t normally make.


Since you’re already inside, why not redecorate the home to freshen up its look? You can purchase a few accent items the next time you’re in town, then change a few things around to keep things lively inside. While you’re at it, rearrange the furniture and see if you like the new setup. If not, move it back! Add new pillows to the couch, hang some pictures, or swap out the towels in the bathroom.

Plan your summer outings or vacation

What better time to dream of sunny beaches or lush green, tropical escapes than during the cold, gray months of winter? Take the time to plan a family trip for the upcoming summer, or sit and create a savings plan to responsibly save for your summer trip. Share your plans with your family and friends to help build up the excitement.


With all of the eating normally associated with the winter months, take your indoor workout times seriously. You’ll feel great after completing a vigorous cardio workout, and getting in a strength and conditioning workout will pay off come swimsuit season. Nothing lifts the spirits like a spirited workout!

Play board games

Keep your mind sharp and your competitive juices flowing by breaking out the board games. Play fun and friendly games with the kids during the day, then try your hand at adult-oriented board games later on in the evening.

Edit your movies

Take the video clips and pictures that you’ve been collecting on your phone or camera and create a personal documentary of the past few months. You can make videos of your past vacations or seasonal events, or document important moments with your kids, pets, family members, or friends.


Most of us do not consider “resting” as an activity, but it is important to make sure that you get enough rest throughout the week to keep yourself healthy and ready to go. Plan naps on weekend days (or weekdays, if you can!) to boost your immune system and ward off illnesses that seem to pop up during the winter months.

If you are stuck indoors this winter, make sure that you keep active – both physically and mentally. Workout your body, then rest. Tackle a home improvement project, then recharge with a board game. Cook a satisfying meal that will prepare you for upcoming holiday parties, then put your feet up and watch a movie. The possibilities are endless… But the good news is, the cold, dreary days of winter will soon transition into the bright, cheerful days of spring!