Recapping our First Seasonal Hashtag, #LPCwinterchill

Reading Time: 2 minutes When you’re a member of one of our Lincoln Property Company communities, you’re more than just a resident to us; you’re our neighbor. As a way of creating a way for you to connect with other members in the community, we introduced a series of seasonal hashtags for our LPC Neighbors to share their special […]

Best Winter Activities when Stuck Indoors

Reading Time: 3 minutes This winter, keep busy, have fun, and enrich yourself with these indoor winter activities. For many of us, the winter months have distinct benefits over the summertime. For starters, you can’t really ski in the middle of July, and sledding just doesn’t feel right in August, but what happens when you’ve exhausted your repertoire of […]

Tricks to Winter-Proof Your Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes For the majority of us, winter means more than holiday parties and shiny decorations – it also means winter-proofing our homes to protect them from damage and to minimize energy costs. The season is upon us – no, we’re not talking about jingle bells or holiday gifts… it is time to winter proof our homes! […]