How To Make Your Apartment “Resolution-Friendly”

Reading Time: 3 minutes

By mid-January, it’s not uncommon to start slipping with your resolutions. We oftentimes place all the emphasis on planning our goals, and less on strategies for sticking to them. If your motivation is waning and Netflix is calling, here are a few ways your home can help when it comes to those resolutions.

Make Your Tools Available


Out of sight, out of mind, right? When we hide the tools we need for our goals, it’s less likely we’ll end up using them. If your yoga mat or dumbbells live in the closet, there’s a greater chance they’ll collect dust rather than see the inside of a gym. Before a day of fitness, lay out the things you’ll need as a visual reminder. Is one of your goals to start making more fresh-pressed juices? Or, perhaps you’re aiming to make coffee at home instead of overspending at your local cafe? To make these ambitions more attainable, leave your stylish juicer or chic French press out on the counter.

Set Your Intentions in Your Decor

coffee table

Delight your senses by making your intentions part of your decor. The goals you set can be easily represented through tangible items in the home. In a recent post, we highlighted the joys of a coffee corner. This nook, along with many other areas in the home, is a perfect spot for a felt letter or chalkboard with an inspirational message. Books are another great source of motivation and aesthetic appeal. Is one of your goals to host more get-togethers at your place? I Like You by Amy Sedaris offers a hilarious approach to the art of entertaining and can double as a quirky accent to your living room.

Have Fun With Your Checklist

to-do list

There are few things more satisfying than checking off a task on your to-do list. Nowadays, these goals often live in our phones, taking away from the joy of manually crossing something off. This year, find a canvas that suits you, whether it be a chalkboard, whiteboard, or leatherbound journal, and make it visually appealing in the home. After a long day, you’ll look forward to winding down and checking off everything you’ve accomplished. For extra points, explore the world of bullet journaling. This analog system offers a way to organize your past and present that is both flexible and methodical. Many avid journalers structure their pages with colored pens, stickers, and even watercolor. We recommend setting up a bullet journal station in your home. This could be at a desk, inside a drawer of a coffee table, or perhaps in a box under your bed. This way, you’ll be ready to plan in color.

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