How To Conquer Your Fridge Goals in 2022

produce in the fridge
Reading Time: 2 minutes

Are you ready for a Pinterest-worthy fridge in 2022? If so, there are many simple steps you can take to minimize clutter, tailor your shelves to your eating habits, and inspire joy from simply opening your fridge door. To turn your fridge from chaos into a sleek and satisfying display, follow these tips.

Start with a Clean Slate

It’s impossible to clean out your fridge when you have to work around the clutter. Therefore, take everything out before you begin to assess how you want to organize. This way you can throw away items that are expired, take a mental note of your inventory, and clean the inside out before you begin.

Assess Your Eating Habits

The next step is to assess your eating habits to customize your fridge to your routine. Identify and make a list of items that you frequently reach for. Then, identify the items that are perishable on this list. These few things should be front and center. For example, things like garlic, go-to veggies and fruits, and dairy products should be in your line of sight. This way, you will cut back on time searching for them and eat them before they go bad. While it’s expected to put your fruits and vegetables in a produce drawer, it’s actually more beneficial to keep these items on fridge shelves. Oftentimes, items in the drawer will go bad because they are not seen. Instead, place condiments in the drawer that have a later expiration date.

Make it Aesthetically Pleasing

The last step is the most satisfying part. Once you’ve organized your items, think of ways to make your fridge more aesthetically pleasing. One thing you can do is transfer your most-used items into mason jars. Cut up your go-to veggies, store nuts and seeds, or even stock up on treats like dark chocolate or gummy candies. This clean and cohesive look will not only please your eyes but will inspire you to eat healthy and delicious items in your fridge.

Organizing your fridge will make it even easier to have a happy and healthy 2022 in your LPC apartment. For more ways to set yourself up for success, check out this recent blog post. Or, if you’re looking for your dream home this year, contact us today!