3 Ways To Embrace a Rainy Day in Your Lincoln Apartment

smiling and looking out window at rain with a mug | rainy day activities
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When you live at a Lincoln property, rainy days don’t have to feel like a bummer. Instead, they can be an opportunity to relax inside your home or tackle a fun project you’ve been putting off.

When the forecast says cloudy, here are a few activities to put on your agenda:

Set Up a Cozy Movie Marathon

a couple watching a movie on the couch | rainy day activities

Rainy days offer the perfect excuse to cancel your plans and stay in with a great film. The next time it starts to drizzle, fully commit to the ultimate movie day and plan a marathon. First, stock up on all the blankets and pillows you can find. Then, light some candles or add essential oils to your diffusor. Finally, pick a theme and stick to it for the duration of the day. Binge watch all the James Bond movies, host a horror marathon, or stream a collection of films starring your favorite actor.

Do a DIY Project

doing a DIY project | rainy day activities

We love a good DIY project at Lincoln. Not only are they cost-effective, but they provide a sense of accomplishment and make your apartment feel extra special. Therefore, on your next rainy day, commit to a DIY project you’ve been thinking of for a while. To make the experience extra enjoyable, be sure to play your favorite music or put on a show in the background. Once you’re finished, reward yourself with your favorite takeout meal.

Have a Spa Day

putting on a face mask | rainy day activities

Did you know your apartment can double as an all-inclusive spa? With a little creativity, you can create the ultimate spa experience in your home. Before you begin, put on your fuzziest robe and slippers. Then, plan a day complete with face masks, exfoliating scrubs, and complete the experience with a relaxing bath. Don’t forget to set out your favorite snacks and pour yourself a glass of wine!

Try a New Spring Recipe

friends cooking | rainy day activities

Sunny spring days inspire afternoons spent relaxing outside. However, when it rains it’s the perfect opportunity to experiment with spring-inspired cuisine. Check out our recent blog post covering our favorite seasonal recipes and gain some inspiration for a springtime feast!

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