Tips For A Healthy Relationship With Your Roommate

roommates together
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Typically, the guidelines for living with roommates are to clean up after yourself, keep the music down, and avoid 30-minute showers in the morning.

Now that we’re spending more time at home, face time with roommates has increased exponentially. With this comes some pros and inevitable cons. From communication to personal space, our roommate guidebook has changed. Here are a few steps you can take to ensure a peaceful and enjoyable living situation.

Have Open Communication

roommates talking

Open communication is key when living with roommates. While it can feel safer and more polite to keep your concerns to yourself, unresolved issues can lead to resentment. Therefore, have a discussion with your roommate about your boundaries, preferences, and pet peeves. On top of this, it’s important to discuss standards for social distancing so both people feel comfortable and on the same page.

Talk About Your Professional Needs

working from home

For those who work from home, working with roommates can be the ultimate treat or the ultimate distraction. Therefore, discuss your ideal working environment with your roommate. Let them know when you have important client calls to avoid any interruptions. If you want to set up a desk in a communal area, make sure you check with the other member of your household. In some scenarios, roommates may want to work together to inspire each other and have an accountability partner. If this is the case, have fun with it! Splurge on a nice coffee machine, create a productivity playlist, and plan fun activities for your lunch breaks.


This is the fun part! Now that you and your roommate are spending more time at home, it may be a good idea to refresh your decor! Make this a fun project you can collaborate on. Incorporate some plants to boost your moods, update your balcony so you can enjoy alfresco dining together, or tackle a DIY project. The key is to create an aesthetic together so you can both feel equally at home.

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