Best Winter Activities when Stuck Indoors

Reading Time: 3 minutes This winter, keep busy, have fun, and enrich yourself with these indoor winter activities. For many of us, the winter months have distinct benefits over the summertime. For starters, you can’t really ski in the middle of July, and sledding just doesn’t feel right in August, but what happens when you’ve exhausted your repertoire of […]

Navigating the Generation Gap: Apartment Considerations for Baby Boomers

Reading Time: 2 minutes While many marketing discussions may have shifted focus on emerging new markets like millennials, it’s important to remember that not all of our residents come from the same era. While emerging new markets can capture the imagination, there are big differences between the wants and needs of a millennial customer and someone who comes from […]

Ideas for Holiday Decorating when Renting

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whether your holiday decorating plans involve a small apartment or a spacious rental home, keep the following ideas in mind to create a beautiful seasonal display. The holidays are such a fun and festive time, so it only makes sense that the majority of us find every opportunity to decorate our abodes with shiny, glittery […]

Tricks to Winter-Proof Your Home

Reading Time: 3 minutes For the majority of us, winter means more than holiday parties and shiny decorations – it also means winter-proofing our homes to protect them from damage and to minimize energy costs. The season is upon us – no, we’re not talking about jingle bells or holiday gifts… it is time to winter proof our homes! […]

5 Tips for Decorating with Roommates

Reading Time: 3 minutes Five Great Decorating Tips for Roommates One of the biggest challenges that often accompanies apartment living is the roommate situation. No matter how well you may get along, it can be tough negotiating two different styles when it comes to decorating. These five tips from RENTCafé Apartments can help you navigate those decorating decisions and […]

Friendsgiving: How to Celebrate with Friends

Reading Time: 3 minutes We know you love your family – but celebrating Thanksgiving with your closest friends can be an exciting and stress-free way to recognize Turkey day this year. Imagine this. Thanksgiving this year WILL NOT include the following: purchasing peak rate airline tickets, slogging through congested airports, spending money on car rentals, sleeping on Aunt Betsy’s […]

Your Pets and The Holidays: Make Sure They Stay Joyful

Reading Time: 2 minutes Your Pets and The Holidays: Make Sure They Stay Joyful By Guest Blogger, KC Theisen, Director of Pet Care Issues at the Humane Society of the United States The holidays are a very exciting time to gather with family and friends, everyone knows that. But does everyone know how to make the holidays safe and […]

[Infographic] What Can $1500 in Rent Get You Across the US?

Reading Time: 3 minutes Rental rates are on the move these days, but America’s most exciting and vibrant neighborhoods still provide plenty of housing “bang for the buck.” Rental prices have steadily climbed over the past several years and can represent a significant expense for many renters. That said, the idea that you can’t live where you want to […]

Lincoln VOX- The Power of Voting

Reading Time: 5 minutes After All We’ve Been Through (Don’t Give Your Vote Away) Lincoln VOX // First Edition By LPC Guest Blogger Aaron Deese Leasing Professional at The Park at Monterey Oaks in Austin, TX   Vox: [voks] : noun – Latin – “Voice” Welcome to the first edition of Lincoln Vox! Over the next year, we’ll be […]