Why Email Marketing is Important in the Multifamily Industry

Reading Time: 3 minutes Multifamily managers have a multitude of marketing methods at their fingertips. While traditional marketing mediums like billboards, printed collateral, and media buys can help broadcast your property’s vacancies, digital channels help connect the dots between you and your prospective resident. One digital channel that remains among the most effective tools in your marketing stack is […]

Shoot for the Stars: Why Online Reviews are Important for Apartment Communities

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whether it’s marketing your community to prospective residents or better connecting with your current residents, gathering honest feedback can be critical to both mastering your marketing and resident retention. While engaging with your residents through surveys and social media can provide the internal feedback you need to better serve your community, online reviews are often […]

Lincoln Core Values Series: Empowerment

Reading Time: 2 minutes When businesses and organizations talk about company values, simply just talking about them isn’t enough. In fact, many aspects of a company’s work culture and value structure are reinforced not from top-down corporate messaging, but from total immersion and visible actions picked up from colleague to colleague. At Lincoln Property Company, we think it’s important […]

Be In The Know: Multifamily Conferences to Attend This Year

Reading Time: 3 minutes With February unfolding fast, it is a perfect time to look at the year ahead and make a commitment for personal and professional growth. Multifamily is a dynamic industry that responds quickly to new technology and has to grow to accommodate the needs of new residents. Each year, professionals in multifamily marketing, property management, web […]

3 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day Without Leaving Home

Reading Time: 2 minutes As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, many are rushing to make reservations at a nearby restaurant or plans for the big night. However, if you’re not one of the 110 million people who are going out for a meal this Valentine’s Day, try celebrating this holiday with your special someone right inside your apartment! Below, we’ve […]

Three Tips for Organizing the Junk in Your Apartment

Reading Time: 3 minutes One of the most common challenges people often face when living in an apartment is space – or the lack thereof. However, when space is utilized at an optimal level, even the “junk” found in all homes can become neatly organized, tucked away in space-saving areas that take up hardly any room at all. The […]

It’s a Small World After All: Marketing Your Apartment Community to International Students

Reading Time: 3 minutes When approaching any marketing project, one of the most crucial considerations is always creating a picture of your target audience. For property managers and marketers trying to reach prospective residents of student apartments, a few common focal points might appear in marketing messaging and creative: Hip, young people, stylish and smiling, taking in the joys […]

Resolutions You Can Keep: 3 Resolutions for Apartment Property Managers and Staff

Reading Time: 3 minutes   Now that the new year is here, many of us are using this as a time for renewal and swift change, learning new habits in an effort to improve. While common New Year’s resolutions often look inward at personal health, diet, exercise, or cutting out excess, it’s also a great time of year to […]

Ideas for Holiday Decorating when Renting

Reading Time: 3 minutes Whether your holiday decorating plans involve a small apartment or a spacious rental home, keep the following ideas in mind to create a beautiful seasonal display. The holidays are such a fun and festive time, so it only makes sense that the majority of us find every opportunity to decorate our abodes with shiny, glittery […]